About Us

Proud members of Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers

We have been taking pictures for the best part of 20 years and covered many Weddings and
portraits, And we feel the same now as we did back then that is why o why edit photos to make them better or change
something as the picture should be a true reflection of the picture taken and not changed in any way.

As a result of this we have unique style as can be seen from some of our pictures on this website that we do everything we can to stay out of the way of weddings so we catch real feelings and real unique pictures of your day.

We believe you should pay for what you get and as we dont edit our photo we dont need to charge you for the service and that come to about 50% of our prices so our cheapest wedding is £400
and if we was do photo editing we would be charging £800 so you can see this is a massive saving for any new couple and the savings dont stop there as we do not charge for many extras like photo frames.

Most of the weddings we goto you will have two fully qualified photographers at your wedding and you will always get every single picture we take, We never delete any pictures,
You as our customer are the only people that has the right to delete the pictures.

For our boudoir photo shoots you will always have two photographers and the same as the wedding pictures we will never edit pictures and we never delete any picture at all as the pictures are our customers and not ours.