Boudoir from £450 is for a 2hr photo shoot and this is with 2 photogrphers for safety
Price includes 10x A4 prints 20 Standard prints and CD/DVD of all pictures

At the start of any Boudoir photo shoot you are asked to sign a Model Release Agreement for Photographs, Standard document for any photorapher.
We also need to see ID for yourself such as a driving licence or passport.
No ID No Photoshoot and we will charge you £100 min

At the time of booking you will get a email from us for your home address and you will then get a detailed work sheet so you know full well what pictures we are going to be taking.

You can at any time say you dont want to do a set pose and we will move on to the next and in total
on the work sheet for new customers we have 21 poses and 60 others.
If time allows we will ask if there is a set pose you would like us to catch for you or we will move onto some other poses.

During the photo shoot you can show as much skin or as little as you like but please remember this is a set time for your photo shoot.

We always hear that customers wish they was more brave at the time we was with you. And we always tell our customers the same they are
very brave to do such a photo shoot and to just go with the flow as it really is a amazing time you should have.

After the photo shoot we will get a selection of the pictures printed depending on your package you have ordered with us and we will deliver the whole lot to you in about 10 days

Still not sure?? Simple book a Boudoir consultancy appointment £10
Go ahead with full photo shoot and then get £50 off

PLEASE NOTE. The Boudoir photoshoot is done with a Male Photographer
and a female assistance at all times.

We will never touch your body in any way and will just ask you to move
body parts so we get the best pictures.

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