Our photography we think tells a story of your big day and we believe in four very important things and that’s the four 1’s.

They are as follows:

1 Life
1 Love
1 Marrage
1 Chance

Let me explain?? We all get one life so thats easy to understand,

The next two 1’s go together , If you are divorced that person was never the
right person for you,

The last 1 is very important as you have 1 chance to capture every moment of your wedding.
Over the years we have done 1000’s of wedding photos and caught 100’s of very
special pictures that the wedding couple didnt even think was possible to get
and we are not up close to you to get the unforgetable moments as we use
telephoto lens for a lot of our work.

We have even been told in the past that we was not getting paid due to the fact
we was not at the wedding,
We did get paid in the end as had all the photos for the happy couple.

See with our high powered lens we dont need to get up close to get the killer pictures.

The LOVE picture below was taken at over 60ft away and the couple didnt know we got it untill they saw the wedding album, So you can guess what they said to us.

We offer five standard wedding packages, to suit all types of weddings. However, if none of these quite match what you are looking for, or you are after something
different, get in touch using the contact us above and we can put together a bespoke package just for you.

With our wedding packages starting from as little as £400 we are sure there is something
we can do for you.

All our wedding packages include a 1hr engagement session and unlimited photography.

We also supply a free 2hr Photo Booth ? Or maybe our LOVE sign
As the above is free we choose what we bring sorry to say as we hire out this stuff

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